Romania Project 1 - Sighet

We are delighted that the construction of the Playground is now complete.  There is great excitement in Sighet, Romania with this wonderful provision.

We are pleased to report that Calin Rezmuves has been able to visit the Playground project during his stay in Romania. It is being well used and although we cannot publish pictures of children using the facility , you can be assured that there are lots of smiling faces in the home where the facility is now well established. And yes, we are beginning to make tentative enquiries as to how this programme could be extended to another home with similar need.  Flame will keep you updated.

Click here for a report that has recently appeared in the newspapers in Maramures (English translation alongside the original).

There was also a feature on Romanian television - click on the video link right (the report is obviously in Romanian but contains video footage of the new facility).

Thank you so much for your interest and the many gifts received to make this project a reality.