Still Waters Album



 Album track list

1. Love
2. I choose praise
3. Seek ye the Lord / Come let us reason
4. Enter in
5. Still Waters
6. Broken up people
7. People need the Lord
8. Hidden from the wise
9. Dying embers
10. Take my life
11. Keep on singing (medley)
12. Faithful to the end


And so it came to pass that, after a period of far too many years, my good friend John Daniels and I, with helpful input, encouragement and production expertise from Ian Watson, collaborated to produce this collection of songs.

It is a reflection of where my heart is at this moment in time and serves to endorse the emphasis of my current work and ministry. Those classic songs, so popular in the 70’s and 80’s are given a new lease of life – including the classics ‘Love’, ‘Still Waters’ and ‘Dying Embers’ – not to mention John’s new arrangement of ‘Broken-up People’.

I have also included two worship songs from Caleb Collins, an inspirational worship leader from the States. His writing and style have been such a personal blessing in recent days.

Hope you like what you hear, but more particularly this album will be an encouragement to continue your walk of faith.

Dave Pope

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Dave Pope - Still Waters CD